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                                               Judy Rubin

Judy Rubin has two passions...people and real estate.  The first began during her college summers when she had the opportunity to travel to many countries.  She was instantly drawn to and fascinated by the different cultures she encountered.  Prior to working in real estate, Judy worked in publishing and film production.  Although rewarding, she knew something was missing.  Ready for a career change, she happened to meet a real estate developer in New York who asked her to join his firm. She eventually became the Director of Sales and knew she had finally found her niche.


In 1987, Judy decided to open her own firm.  Being a lifelong resident of Manhattan and the Hamptons and coupled with over twenty-five years of experience in residential real estate, she has built her reputation on her thorough knowledge of the continuously changing market.  She offers personalized service to all of her clients, always with the goal in mind of getting the buyer the lowest or the seller the highest price possible.  A mutually rewarding and happy experience leads to repeat business, referrals and loyal clientele.


Judy is a licensed Real Estate Broker and member of the Real Estate Board of New York.



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